Saturday, 1 November 2008

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von racaire
My dear lords and ladies,

I apologize for the bandwith but I would like to invite you to join my walk through the Schatzkammer (Treasury) in Vienna, Austria (Europe) this friday:

I want to share this great impressions and hope that the photos I uploaded to my flickr account will maybe help you with your research projects, entertain you,... and maybe inspire some of you to visit Vienna :)

Extract of the things on display at the Schatzkammer:
- Messornat des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies (embroidered, 2nd quarter 15th century)
- Das "Ainkhürn"-Schwert ('Unicorn'-Sword, 2nd third of the 15th century)
- Brosche Burgundisch-niederländisch (brooch, burgundian-dutch about 1430/40)
- Reichskrone (empire crown, west-german, 2nd half 10th century, crown cross 1st third 11th century, bow (?) between 1024 and 1039)
- Adlerdalmatika (south-german, 1330-1340)
- Krönungsmantel (coronation-mantle 1133/34)
- Medaillon aus Bergkristall (end of 16th century - inlcuding a small painting with gouache on pergament)
- Beutel König Stephans von Ungarn (embroidered pouch - russian, 2nd half 11.-12th century)
...and many more...

With best regards
Kingdom Drachenwald, Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum

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