Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Badge...

Well, I'm at it again. I have other projects to work on, but I'm making another Arms badge. Only this time I have a good excuse. I met a nice man and am making it for him. Since I strongly doubt he will log onto this page or even knows of its existence, I'm pretty certain it is safe to post what I am doing.

This time I learned my lesson. There is no way in heck I am split-stitching the whole thing like the last two. I am split-stitching the fleur-de-lis and probably the field behind them, unless I can find a better and different stitch for the latter. The main area is going to be couched.

The fleur-de-lis were an attempt at free-hand drawing. I'm not an artist. However I did not have my stencil paper, as my father was driving me to the airport and I was too eager to start this project. So hopefully it's okay.

The other issue is the double headed eagle in the top left. It will be insane to stitch it. If I do, it will also be split-stitched, as it will be so small and fine on the piece. I am calling the gentleman in a bit to see if that is on his registered arms or if it's something he added when he got a patent or something. If it's legit, I'll figure it out.

The goal? Finish it by Nibelungen when I next see him. EEK!


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Racaire said...

lovely - I am looking forward to see more pictures of your progress :)