Sunday, 18 September 2011

Newsletter September 2011 - featuring Siubhans embroidered cloak

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies,
dear gentle members of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

I hope you all had a great summer and are already prepared for autumn and winter.

...and speaking about the cold time of the year I am again very pleased that I may present another lovely project of a Guild member to you - Siubhans lovely embroidered cloak:
...please take some time and take a look at her posting - this is really a very awesome embroidery project.

The Guild Project 2011 - "We have Dragons" - will reach its end soon therefore I once again included the project details for you.
...but please don't fear, Fiora and I already spoke about enlarging the end date to make it to a real anual project and to give everyone some more time for more to embroider some additional patches.
________________ ~*~ ________________
2nd Guild Project - "We have Dragons"
- Fabric: wool
- Fabric size: 20,0 x 20,0 cm (7,9 x 7,9 inch) + ca. 1,5 cm (0,6 inch)
Surplus for sewing
- Fabric color: every color allowed
- Embroidery: every technique allowed
- Important restrictions: 1) at least one dragon per patch (or more!) ; 2)
the basic fabric for the patch should be wool, you can use silk, linen,
wool, metal,... (thread or fabric) to embroider it
- End date: October 2011 (please send in your patches till 1st of October)
- The project is open to everyone - you don't need to be a Guild member to
join this project.
- Every embroidery technique and skill is welcome - please don't hesitate
to contact me if you are interested!!

If you ever had a favourite picture or story including at least one or
more dragons - this is the time to embroider it!
Dragons fighting against knights, dragons sleeping at the top of a hoard,
dragons flying above woods, lakes, fjords, mountains; dragons eating or
scaring virgins, a dragon mother surrounded by kids, dragons who just lost
their fight against the knight (or the other way round), ... just take a
journey through your memories and the old stories you read in books or
you've been told - lets bring the old legends to life again! :)

...and if your embroidery is based on an old myth - I really wouldn't mind
if you tell us the old myth by posting a picture of your embroidery and a
short text telling the legend (and if you don't like to post it by
yourself, you can still send me your photo and your text and I will do
that for you).

Thinking of all people and also the newcomers in some regions, who maybe
haven't done a lot of wool embroidery till now, I would ask the lords and
ladies who have some experience in wool embroidery to screw up their
courage and to offer one or more wool embroidery classes at the next
events they will attend or at a private embroidery & sewing evening for
your local group - it would be great to see more lovely applique,
intarsia,... and all the other possible kinds of wool embroidery in the

And last but not least - because of the great support and interest into
our first guild project shown by the local guild in Aarnimetsä, the second
guild project will be assembled by the local guild in Aarnimetsä under the
gentle guidance of the local guild head Lady Fiora. Many thanks to Lady
Fiora for her great help.

...and again the artisan who makes the most patches will get a small
embroidered gift from the guild head. :)
________________ ~*~ ________________

The "We have Dragons" project is a great chance to get rid of wool
leftovers or to swap wool leftovers with friends :)
Guild Project 2010 - "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald":

If you want to send one (or more) finished patch(es) to Fiora and
need her address, just contact me and I'll send you her snail mail address

...and now back to the normal Guild business:

Guild Membership Roll:
We have still 62 members - I heartily welcome Alfhild de Foxley from Nordmark as a new guild member.
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Guild Blog - Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:
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Guild Fanpage at facebook:
Our guild fanpage at facebook (
) has 201 fans! :)

Every project can be an inspiration - therefore please don't hesitate to use the fanpage or the blog and to post your embroidery projects or links to your projects there if you like :)
...and if you think you have a great project which you would like to share, please don't hesitate to contact me :)

Guild Projects / Challenges:
- The 1st Guild Project 2010 - "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald"

- The 2nd Guild Project 2011 - "We have Dragons"

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Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Turnier des Herzwalds II Badges...

It's been quite a while since I posted anything. But I made up two Badges for Turnier des Herzwaldes II. One for the Tourney Champion and one for the Nobleman of the Tourney. Granted, Sir Gerhardt von Wuestenburg won both, but they were fun to make.The swords and II were split stitch, the trees surface couched, the heart made with Klosterstitch and the black background was made with another type of couching.