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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Guild Badge Poll

First many thanks to Mistress Jaelle for her help & Anna de Byxe for the images :)

This are the best possibilities for our guild badge:
  1. on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle or (=gold -> yellow)
  2. on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle argent (=silver -> white)
  3. on a hurst of three pine trees eradicated gules (-> red), a needle or (=gold -> yellow)
  4. on a hurst of three pine trees eradicated gules (-> red), a needle argent (=silver -> white) can submit your vote via the poll in the nav. bar on the left side.

When the poll is over (14.12.2007) Mistress Jaelle offered to check if the chosen badge is clear of conflict and than we will try to register it.


more information provided by Mistress Jaelle:
No color would be behind the dragon (or the trees). This is what we call a fieldless badge.  A fieldless badge can be on any background where there is contrast - so in this case, of either black or red you could put it on a white or yellow background - eg sew it on your white dress and then on your yellow cloak, This is because the badge is a - thing - it can go on either.

this may help- an explanation about fieldless badges from the 0fficial SCA heraldic website:

"In period mundane practice, fieldless badges are almost always a single charge, possibly charged with a cadency mark, such as a crescent or a mullet. Most of the rest were charges conjoined, such as a crescent with an estoile resting in the "cup", or the bear and ragged staff of Neville.
In the SCA, the fieldless badges must form a connected design. One way to think about it is that you should be able to cast the design in a mold without it falling apart."

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Meet and Greet at University

I took a look at the reservation list at University and it looks like some members of this blog and members of the embroidery guild will attend University too...

ok, a great chance - therefore:
What about a
"Meet and Greet at University"?

...and for everyone of you who wants to attend one of my two classes - bring your embroidery frame with you!!! :)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

How to join the Embroidery Workshop...

...dear gentle Lords and Ladies who want to join our small project:

please feel free to send me an eMail (because most of you don't show their eMail address at their personal blogger section) and I need it for the invitation-eMail
you can find my eMail address at my personal blogger section or in the menue at the left side ("eMail the staff")

YIS Racaire

Friday, 20 July 2007

Welcome to the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop

To all gentle Lords and Ladies interested into embroidery,

today I opened the doors of the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop and I would be happy if some of you would like to join me in this small project.
According to Mistress Bridget Dragon's Scriptorium I would like to enlarge the possibilities for our embroiderers and create a place where we can post images of our work and discuss projects. Like Mistress Bridget I would like to provide a safe and helpful environment to encourage improvement in the embroidery arts, to address questions and problems that embroiderer have and to encourage each other. Like Mistress Bridget I will leave how each scribe who joins this circle hosts their images. The blog provides a central place for us to discuss the work outside the Dragon Embroidery Guild-Mailinglist and to show it to the populace.

I hope that this blog will encourage new members to begin with embroidery and 'old' embroiderers to start new and interesting projects.

If you would like to join this small project of mine please feel free to send me a message.

YIS Racaire